The saw blade grinding machine Surface grinding machine
Surface grinding machine

01Brand protection

The domestic first-class round Surface grinding machine professional manufacturers

Qin long the company has an area of 60 mus workshop, advanced production equipment, process optimization, fast delivery to customers.
advanced design concepts and efficient management system, guarantee the product quality of the 100%.
High speed grinder

02The patent technology

High tech enterprises, where the city government approved the highest qualification, have the core technology patent.

Qin long team service machine industry for fifteen years, grinding equipment R & D, design, manufacturing has a mature experience in the industry; and the industry at home and abroad customers long-term cooperation, companies pay attention to practice and product development made a number of patents and research achievements.
Horizontal shaft cone Surface grinding machine


Focus custom service, according to customer needs, customized production you need equipment, greatly improve the production efficiency.

To provide customized services for enterprises, customized high-speed grinder, leading the international trend of development, for the enterprise to reduce loss, improve efficiency,
make the product surface gloss better.
Surface grinding machine

04Training support

The purchase of equipment can be provided free of charge to the customer of heat treatment technology on site training, reduce labor costs.

Every Qin long cooperation with customers, can enjoy free heat treatment production line. Experts in the design team to provide service to customers with equipment use guidance.

05Customer service support

technical staff regular follow-up visits, provide grinder technology services, one to one explanation.

24 hours door-to-door service, free guidance and training have been recognized by many customers. The company has a group of senior R & D Specialist, tracking customer use equipment, provide the latest advisory services for enterprises, to answer various equipment problems.
圆台Surface grinding machine

06 customer feedback

Then make use of the

resources, update the old equipment deductible discounts

All Qin long cooperation with customers, the first to buy equipment, later need to update the new equipment, Qin long can provide do deduction according to the original equipment discount amount of price to buy new machines, repair services, enterprises save a lot of cost of the equipment.
CNC Surface grinding machine






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How to grind a surface grinder?Q
Surface grinding is mainly used to grind the surface and grooves on the surface grinder. There are two ways to realize surface grinding, one is to use horizontal......A
What are the characteristics of a round table surfacQ
Grinding machine can be divided into many kinds of grinders according to the different workpieces. The table surface grinder is one of them. The following table ......A
How to install grinding wheel of surface grinder?Q
When installing grinding wheel flange of surface grinder, we should observe (i.e.'visual') and pay attention to the damage. Identify the sound of hammer beating,......A


Ceramic seal grinder Zhejiang Qin Long machinery technology co., LTD., founded in 2003, mainly engaged in CNC horizontal spindle surface grinding machine with rotary table equipment research, development, production and sales.
Zhejiang Qin Long machinery technology co., LTD., a registered capital of 33 million, covers an area of 60 acres, is located in anji county, huzhou city, the town of river "meixi river" lingang development zone, 220 kilometers away from Shanghai, hangzhou, 65 kilometers.The new national level 11 provincial highway 04 provincial highway and a longitudinal throughout the country, constructed the anji with Shanghai, hangzhou, nanjing, ningbo, suzhou and other surrounding cities two hours traffic circle economy.
Companies adhering to the innovation is fundamental, quality is life, practical is objective, efficiency is the target of the management idea, at the same time actively in the continuous improvement of existing products to develop new products, since the establishment of the "regular dragon" so far...
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